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Shark Finning

Shelby Reef's mission is to help eliminate the senseless slaughter of sharks and restore balance to our coral reefs & oceans for generations to come.

The inspiration for Shelby Reef came when I watched two documentaries, Sharkwater and its sequel, Sharkwater Extinction, about the slaughter of sharks to feed the demand for shark fin soup. Over 100M sharks die annually to meet this demand. They are caught and their fins cut off only to be thrown back into the ocean to die while suffering on the ocean floor. At this rate the shark population will not be able to recover. 

I was so moved I knew I had to take action. I decided to create this online clothing brand to raise awareness and money for the cause. We must act NOW!  Why? Because sharks are the apex predator of the ocean and their extinction would cause such an imbalance to our entire ecosystem that all of life would be in danger.  Between the horrendous killings and ocean pollution, many species of sharks are vulnerable to extinction in the near future.

What can YOU do?  Follow us on Social Media and share our message with everyone you know. And, every time you wear your  "Shelby Shark" apparel you are helping to raise awareness! Every purchase from Shelby Reef helps fund organizations working on this problem directly!  SHOP NOW

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