Where is Shelby Reef anyway?

Shelby Reef is a magical underwater home to many species of marine life. The water is the most beautiful shade of blue. Many shades of blue actually. The water at the surface is clear enough that you can see the sun's rays shining straight through and at its deepest it is so dark blue that you cannot see in front of your own face. It is full of colorful coral and all kinds of lush plant life flowing to and fro in the gentle current. There is an abundance of exotic fish and happy turtles paddling around with dolphins, whales, and all kinds of sharks. Not a trace of plastic or thick oil from spills can be found. Humans are respectful when they enter Shelby Reef for they know that we are all connected and the survival of every species under the sea determines their own survival.

Shelby Reef is home to our own "Shelby Shark" and if you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of this magical place and all who dwell there. I have been there many times in my dreams.

I believe dreams can come true. Do you? It will take all of us. To raise awareness, clean up our oceans, and put an end to the shark fin trade and illegal fishing. There are many already doing the difficult and often dangerous work to save our sharks and save our oceans. We will donate a portion of our proceeds to make sure their work can continue. We hope you will join us in our mission to make Shelby Reef a reality! 

Be the change,


p.s. You might get to meet some of Shelby's friends. Stay tuned...



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