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  • Meet Kewin Lorenzen

    I am so excited to share our "10 Questions" Guest Blog with Scuba Instructor, Shark Diver, And Cave Explorer, Kewin Lorenzen! Kewin is a Team Member at the nonprofit People of the Water, founded by Cristina Zenato.
  • WildlifeVOICE

    Shelby Reef is proud to announce our nonprofit recepient, WildlifeVOICE! "WildlifeVOICE is dedicated to giving a voice to the planetary ecosystem. From the tiny plankton that produces our oxygen to the apex predators that regulate our food web, the entire planet is under siege by mankind. The Living Planet Index shows more than half the animal life on planet Earth has been wiped out in the last 40 years. The time to speak out is NOW!"
  • People of the Water

    People of the Water is one of two nonprofit organizations that a portion of the profits from Shelby Reef sales will be donated to. We are excited to introduce you to the organization and its founder, Cristina Zenato.
  • Where is Shelby Reef anyway?

    Where is Shelby Reef? Can I go there? Find out...
  • Thank you...

    I want to thank everyone who supported the launch of Shelby Reef by making a purchase, sharing our posts, or by simply offering a kind word.
  • Shelby Reef is born...

     Hello everyone! I saw a video scroll across my feed that stopped me in my tracks. It was a video about the heinous practice of slaughtering shark...