Shelby Reef is born...

Hello everyone!

I saw a video scroll across my feed that stopped me in my tracks. It was a video about the heinous practice of slaughtering sharks to meet the demand for shark fin soup. The way these sharks die is just awful. They catch them, hack off their fins and throw them back into the ocean to fall to the bottom and die. I immediately felt I had to do something. I had heard of other companies that give back for various conservation efforts and thought hey, I can do that.

So a lifestyle clothing company that gives back, Shelby Reef, was born! Our customers will get high quality clothing and accessories they love to wear/use and a portion of those sales will be donated to a few carefully vetted grassroots non-profit organizations.

How did you come up with the name and logo? Glad you asked! The name is special. Shelby is not only a gender neutral name that will appeal to all of our customers but also the name of my 5 month old daughter who died in 2000. A sweet nod to a sweet angel. The "Shelby Shark" logo is a simple design that lets people know right away you love sharks and makes it easy to find us online. Shelby Reef is the place where sharks are protected, healthy, and happy. 

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Happy to have you join our Shark Squad!

Be the change,


Owner, Shelby Reef


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